Top 5 Tips for Selecting an Affordable Individual Health Plan

Staying healthy is an aspect of life that is multifaceted.Not only does a person need to be mindful of their eating habits, daily activity level and overall wellbeing, but they also need to be aware of which health insurance plan is best for their specific circumstances. Whether you are a person that has dealt with

How to Choose: High or Low Deductible Health Insurance Plan?

The health insurance world can be confusing. Knowing which plan is best for you individually or as a family can take time and research to figure out. Mix into the confusion the aspect of deductibles and the correct decision for each unique situation and it becomes even more cloudy. To make certain that you are

How to Find the Best Health Insurance Company for My Family

There may not be anything more important than finding an excellent health insurance plan that protects your entire family. Research has shown that the quickest way to bankruptcy is not having health insurance and having an accident or illness occur. When the situation concerns not just a single individual, but an entire family, the devastation