Health Insurance Options for Freelancers

Freelancer Health Insurance

Working as a freelancer has lots and lots of advantages, you control your time, you are free to take breaks and go on vacations whenever you choose to, and you are just in charge of your life and every other thing you do, but however, you must plan, and search for suitable health insurance options that suits your needs.

We have done a great deal of professional research on Health Insurance Options for freelancers and have come up with this quick guide to help you find affordable health insurance that you can comfortably pay for and this will definitely save you a lot of time and money if you had to it on your own.

Individual Plan

The individual plan permits the uninsured to buy coverage directly from insurance providers. These plans are highly customizable, offering a broad range of options concerning deductibles, copayments, and options such as prescription coverage. The monthly premium will differ greatly based on options and personal health history, but the cost is higher than an employer-provided plan and less expensive than COBRA coverage. You can obtain individual plans through state-operated “exchanges,” and select options that are suitable for you or your family. You can also get private individual health insurance plan options at

Freelancers Union Insurance Marketplace

It is popularly referred to as the Freelancers Union and it is quite exciting to know that they have gone national by launching the National Benefits Platform which boasts of over 300,000 members and still counting, with their Health Insurance coverage which was once limited to a few States in the U.S.

The freelance Union health insurance option covers a variety of premium health Insurance policies from everything in major medical vision insurance to retirement plans. The Health Insurance packages offered by Freelancers Union have been endorsed and vetted by experts of the Union.

The experts and researchers of the Freelancers Union have done thorough brain storming to choose three to seven policies that will best suit freelancers in the various Health Insurance coverage they choose that would give them the due satisfaction or something close to what they actually need. “We wanted to give people a range of options, but without overwhelming them,” says Lavoie.

Freelancers Union have been handling and providing health insurance for over a decade and they have the required and professional experience to deal on Health Insurance for freelancers and having their headquarters in New York and expanding in other States America.

COBRA Insurance plan (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)

Freelancers are entrepreneurs who originally had regular jobs that were laid off or either resigned or retired to go after their passion.

Find out if you are offered health Insurance because the government might have covered you through the COBRA and the federal government gives provision for you to extend or continue your Health Insurance at your own personal expense. It is fairly attractive for many freelancers especially because the government gives a 65% subsidy on it, more importantly if you already have a pre-existing medical condition that COBRA covers and may make it difficult for you to qualify or make it more expensive for you to try out other insurance providers, or you can find other Health Insurance packages that work best for you.

Healthcare Exchanges: Premium Assistance (Affordable Care Act)

This Health Insurance option is just so cool because it brings all low-income earners on a common platform to access great Health coverage for all legal U.S resident and legal immigrants. The ACA really revolutionized the healthcare system for freelancers and low-income earners. You are rest assured to be taken care of if you risk having a major disease or have a pre-existing condition. ACA takes care of you.

The Health Exchanges is basically an online portal where you can access and pay for an affordable Health Insurance plan because the website offers provision for price comparisons of different Health insurance policies that count as the minimum coverage, get access to federal government subsidies, and can be granted an exemption when needed. This package is unique because it has been made available to any person who does not have Insurance through their place of employment.

It is now highly required that everyone have an Health Insurance plan and what you earn no longer matter with the Affordable Care Act.