Health Insurance Options after Enrollment Period

Health Insurance Options After Open Enrollment

Open enrollment period refers to the period of the year that is given for the people to be able to enroll into a health insurance plan. Open Enrollment into a health insurance plan for 2018 has expired. However, one may still be able to enroll in a Marketplace health insurance plan for 2018 on the condition that you got all the qualifications for a Special Enrollment Period. For eligibility, one ought to have certain life events that include but not limited to getting into marriage, having a baby, or even losing other health coverage. Therefore, the three main health insurance options that are available after enrollment period are application and enrollment of Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) at any time of the year, qualifying life events and special enrollment period if insurer is exiting the market.

Despite the fact that it comes along with some limitations, a qualifying event like getting married and having a baby enables one to gain access to a special enrollment window to shop for health insurance plans in the exchange with premium subsidies that are offered for enrollees who are eligible. However, the eligibility verification process has been enforced and therefore any person wishing to be considered due to a special even should be ready to provide a proof for the same. Over the last few years, this option has caught so many people off guard due to its varying period.

When an insurer under which one had enrolled for health insurance plan is exiting the market, this is considered to be an involuntary loss of coverage and it is taken as a qualifying event that triggers special enrollment period, SEP. The period for this enrollment period set off 60 days before the coverage is lost and extends 60 days after the loss. Numerous insurers across the US are exiting the market at the end of 2017 where some like CeltiCare of Massachusetts will have a very little impact while others like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City (BlueKC) of Missouri will leave tens of thousands of people in dire to need to select new plans.

Finally, Native Americans and people eligible for Medicaid or CHIP have the freedom to enroll all year round. Exchange plans for the Native Americans are always readily available while those qualified for CHIP also have the privilege to enroll any time. Upon qualification, one can enroll immediately as the coverage id free or low cost.